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Globecreative operates from Johannesburg, South Africa. We have a TINY core team throughout the year. As we get busier, the team grows as we deploy our vast resource of regular curated creative and management talent. This means, unlike our competitors, you don't subsidise our downtime, which in turn means lower costs to you and a more diverse creative skills pool.


Globecreative was founded in Cape Town in 2000 by Matthys Ras. Our first office was at 169 Long Street, Cape Town.  Thereafter we had offices one block up in Long Street, Hope Street and Shortmarket Street until we moved to Bellville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town in 2011.  With various clients in Johannesburg, we made the move there in January 2014 where we still operate from and serve clients all over the world including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Chicago, San Diego, Phoenix, New York, London, Paris and even Reunion Island.

Our People

“Our People” include our clients. We are not just doing a job and getting paid for it.  We become friends and a team you can count on for more than creative work.  Become part of the Globecreative family of friends!  Start by liking our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Some of our clients:

ATKV, Mpact Paper, Mpact Recycling, Mpact Versapak, Naspers, Media24, Via Afrika Publishers, Ogilvy Advertising, Zenith Insurance Products, Luvhomba Group of Companies, EDGE Superstores, 4D Healthware, In Context Consulting, The Blue Room (Kenilworth Shopping Centre, IPIC Group of Shopping Centres, Maynard Mall, Ottery Centre, Riverside Mall, Shoprite Park), Ventures Africa Publishing, Georgetown Capital, ERM International, Title Research, Albert Carpets, Zinia, Jozi Power, Branding For The People and Nexim Bank amongst others.

Founder / Creative Director

After working for Publicis Advertising since finishing his B-Tech Degree at Nelson Mandela Metropole University, Matthys Ras also served as Creative Director of the Media24 Group for two years where he managed the brand and implemented its aspects throughout all operations and media types. He currently also holds the position as Consultant Creative Director at 4D Healthware in Chicago, making all creative design decisions from the design of the 4D online app to all marketing and advertising material. Matthys has 20 years of industry experience and has the unique ability to visualise the optimal future of brands, and how to get it there.

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Matthys Ras
Mobile: +27 82 458 3950
Email: matthys@globecreative.co.za

David Hounson
Mobile: +27 82 855 0528
Email: david.hounson@globecreative.co.za

Twitter: @Globecreative
Facebook: @Globecreative
Instagram: @GlobecreativeSA

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