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Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry:  Plastic & Paper Packaging & Recycling

Services:  Brand, Advertising, Marketing Collateral, Internal Communication

Projects: ±350 Projects completed to date.

4D Healthware

Head Office:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Industry:  Healthcare, Technology, Software

Services: Brand, Advertising, Marketing Collateral, Internal Communication, Investment & Presentation Deck Design

Projects: ±600 Projects completed to date


Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry: Information Technology Services

Services: Brand, Website Design, Advertising, Marketing Collateral, Internal Communication, Marketing Automation, Lead Magnets

Projects: ±30 Projects completed to date

Pie City

Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry:  Retail, Fast Food

Services: Brand Identity, Menu Design, Store Design, Social Media, Advertising, Marketing Collateral, Internal Communication

Projects: ±650 Projects completed to date


Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry:  Productivity, Software As A Service (SAAS)

Services: Brand Identity, Logo Design, User Experience Design (UX), User Interface Design (UI), Social Media, Advertising, Marketing Collateral

Projects: ±10 Projects completed to date


Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry: Entertainment, Streaming Service, Software As A Service (SAAS)

Services: Key Art Design, Production, Photo Editing, UI Design

Projects: ±2000 Projects completed to date


Head Office:  Chicago, Illinois, USA

Industry:  Online Payments, Software As A Service (SAAS)

Services: Brand Identity, Website Design & Production, Graphic Design, App Design, Investment & Presentation Deck Design

Projects: ±50 Projects completed to date


Head Office:  Johannesburg, South Africa

Industry:  Internet of Things (IOT), Audit & FICA Automation, Systems Automation

Services: Brand Identity, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Website Design & Production, Marketing Collateral, Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Projects: ±15 Projects completed to date

Garden Day SA & UK

Head Office:  Cape Town, South Africa & London, UK

Industry:  Lifestyle / Gardening. 

Services: Advertising, Social Media Content, Stationery Design, Marketing Collateral, Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Projects: ±550 Projects completed to date

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