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Why we sometimes work for FREE

So probably 15 years or so ago, there was a campaign on television where one of the nation’s largest insurers spent A LOT OF MILLIONS to tell the story of how a few of their employees went to the SPCA to give their time for a day or two to groom some horses.
The campaign ran for many months on most TV channels. Prime time! Those millions could surely have gone to benefit the SPCA directly or feed thousands of hungry kids or just ANYTHING else than such a blatant, expensive pat on their own backs for combing a few horses hair. We all just HAD TO hear about it constantly.

Anyway, I feel doing good, or “CSI” (Corporate Social Investment) should be done to total benefit of who you are doing it for. Otherwise, it just defeats the purpose. Their is something wrong with spending big budgets in promoting CSI projects, rather than the CSI project itself.

At Globecreative we spend a lot of time doing creative “favours” for struggling businesses or entrepreneurs with a vision of doing good themselves. Sometimes we just want to be involved in what passionate companies are doing. It makes US feel good to apply our talents to things that will make a tangible positive impact to the world.

Just to be clear, we WILL NOT take any project on from anyone approaching us for free work. We will approach companies that we are attracted to.

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