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Why Globecreative?

We are not Ogilvy. Or McCann. Or Saatchi & Saatchi. If that is not reason enough, continue reading.

If you dealt with the big agencies before, you either understand how you are getting screwed, or you are just ignorant to it.

“A few years ago, one of my friends working at a big agency in Cape Town told me something shocking. She was the Accounts Exec on a big brand and that was the only brand she dealt with. Her salary was R25k/month (about $1500). She told me that there were three more AE’s on the account and they all earned the same. As she was involved in invoicing the client, she knew what the agency added to the invoice for her job, as a line item. It was a R120k/month. Just to be clear, this did not include strategy or creative or any form of production on the account.”

How is this justified? Are big clients even aware or are they just oblivious? Do they even care? Are Marketing Directors and Brand Managers just content in paying “whatever” if their budget allows for it? Do we not live in a time where brands should be thinking smarter with their budgets?

Wake up guys and gals, you are paying for the agency shareholders, the fancy offices, the HUGE mark-ups on media, the parties, the weird furniture, the Chairman’s art collection.

We find it mind-blowing that some clients will basically happily fund the lavish lifestyles of big agency FAT CATS!

You are also paying for downtime. When your agency has absolutely nothing to do. When creatives and AE’s are twiddling their thumbs, drinking in the bar, pitching for new business to your competitors.

We questioned the integrity behind this model and came up with a better solution.

At Globecreative we have a TINY core team throughout the year. As we get busier, the team grows as we deploy our vast resource of regular curated creative and management talent. These might even be talent currently employed at YOUR overcharging agency 🙂

Depending on the campaign or project, we deploy specific talent based on our client’s brand and criteria. Because we don’t employ permanently, we are not forced to use for example the same Illustrator for every client. Or the same Copywriter, Art Director, Designer or Programmer. We have the luxury to match styles with your desired outcomes. Everyone works remotely from home studios and the better and faster they complete projects, the more we use them. You WILL NOT find a middle-man at Globecreative. You will never have to deal with anyone than creatives working on your campaign.

This obviously reduces our overheads and enables you to get better quality solutions and creative work, faster.

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