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How to become an admired brand

There is a big difference between being a big brand and an admired brand. A big brand takes blood, sweat, tears, tons of money and sometimes corruption / government connections. An admired brand requires purpose, and grows MUCH BIGGER than just mere “big”.

What is purpose?

Purpose is the contribution your company or brand makes to the world as a whole. Making money is no purpose. Creating jobs is no purpose. These things come from having a real purpose.

Every company can operate based on a bigger purpose, it’s just a matter of defining it, articulating it, adopting it, and then, communicating and promoting it properly. Most brands aren’t aware of the “unfair advantage” they get from having a defined purpose.

Imagine this

5 years or 10 years from now: Your company is 1000x it’s current size. It dominates. Now take it away, remove it from the world overnight. What would be the loss? Would anyone miss it except investors and employees? Would your customers just be able to move to the next best brand doing the same thing you do? If so, your purpose is not good enough and you can forget about fast growth.

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