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Would you watch his latest film?

So, most people will recognise this man. Yes, it’s Steven Spielberg. Steven has a new movie coming out. It’s called “Down In The Woods”. Steven Spielberg is the Director of some of the most impactul, successful and memorable movies of our lifetime. Movies like Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, etc.

Steven has a new movie coming out. It’s called “Down In The Woods“. Would you go watch that? It’s a Steven Spielberg movie, so you would be correct to make some assumptions.

You know the story will be strong and impactful. You know the cast will be great and the cinematography will be out of this world! So when this movie pops up on Netflix or at your local cinema, you will be first in line. Right?


There is no such movie. We just designed this poster to prove a point. The perception is stronger than the truth, whether it’s the same thing or not.

PERCEPTIONS are powerful. Globecreative creates perceptions and it’s the greatest truth you need to understand about branding. In the mind of your customer or consumer, the perception they have of your brand, is what it will be. A good Brand Strategy has the POWER to create a long-lasting perception in the minds of consumers.

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