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The Purpose System

10x your brand value within 12 months by teaming up with Globecreative and implimenting our Purpose System.
10x your brand value within a year.

Vision & Mission WHAT?

Most companies sit down and write a Vision & Mission Statements when starting the business. Have you re-evaluated yours recently? In MOST cases it’s written based on personal goals of the founder. Or investors. Goals for the business. “…becoming the number one ‘this’ and the leader in ‘that…”

Have you ever considered thinking bigger?

Then, have you considered dropping your Vision & Mission Statements altogether and seeing if your brand communicates this visually and emotionally when your customers, clients and staff interact with it? If you HAVE TO say it for them to get it, you are doing something wrong.

You need to find your/a Purpose. Beyond making money. The money will come much faster once you have a clear Purpose which everyone can see and understand:

Are you making a difference to the world? Who are you helping? If your business is 1000x it’s current size one day, and overnight it’s taken from the world, what impact would that have? Or will your clients and customers just seamlessly move over to another brand with ease?

To build a brand that grows and lasts, it needs to have a great Purpose. That Purpose is what attract people to it. It gets feet into your doors. It turns those feet into loyal paying customers…

…it creates TRIBES!

What’s a Tribe in business terms?

Have you ever noticed how some companies and brands just have the ability to launch ANYTHING these days, and it will sell? People will line the streets to wait for their doors to open on launch day.

Obvious example is Apple. They have a loyal tribe that will buy just about anything they make, whether they need it or not, whether it’s been tested properly or not. They will sleep outside an Apple Store to buy the next iPhone coming out, or the next “i-ANYTHING”.

Same with SpaceX, Google, or Nike or Steven Spielberg movies. They all have a Tribe whether the “Tribe members” know it or not. 🙂

Brand with a great Purpose attracts the best staff. People who’d like to work for them for free if they have to… JUST to be able to be part of their “vibe”.

Now imagine being able to CREATE this kind of Tribe for your brand.

You simply have to aim for the stars in order to reach the moon. Globecreative sets that Purpose to aim for the stars, we show you the way to it and we build the systems for you to get there.

It might be worth talking to us over a virtual coffee to see how we can also take you through Globecreative’s Purpose System in order to find your Purpose and build your loyal tribe?

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